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Wings Musicafe is a music café specializing in providing live unplugged music with mostly Chinese and English songs each night. The café serves a series of delicious food and tasty drinks. The customers can enjoy the nice food and beverages while listening to good music. Wings Musicafe starts up with the slogan of [Good Music.Great Friends]. For those who walk into our premise, we do not call them “customer”, but rather we take them as “friends” whom we know thru good music. At Wings, our aim is to provide a place for people to spend their happy moments together, with good music, nice food and tasty drinks. We wish to build the best venue for friends to relax, gather and share good music together, like our slogan says [Good Music 。Great Friends]. Our Operating Concept 1 is to cultivate Malaysian music talents, and to build a platform for music lovers to come together. We aim to gather these friends together, sharing good music together. In year 2007, Wings published an album for our own singers Keon and Genie, and build a strong music production team. In year 2009, Wings Musicafe formed a new subsidiary “Musical Wings”, to allow our music production team to continue their passion and love on music production. Our Operating Concept 2 is to build a healthy entertainment premise. All our outlets disallow indoor smoking, and we do not
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sell cigarettes. This is to allow non-smokers to have the freedom to choose note to take second-hand smoke. This is aligned with the no smoking campaign urged by our government.

回音石民歌餐厅是一间每晚都有歌手在现场驻唱的餐厅,以中文及英文歌曲为主。另外,餐厅也提供一系列美食与饮料,让顾客在欣赏歌手的演出之余,也可以品尝美食。回音石民歌餐厅更以 [好音乐.好朋友] 为创业理念,因此,步入餐厅的不称为《顾客》,而是透过好音乐而认识的《朋友》。因此,大家相聚在一块听歌,品尝美食,度过欢乐的时光,就是回音石民歌餐厅所要达到的目标。我们希望可以为全马各地的朋友们打造一个休闲,聚会,分享好音乐的的最佳场所,就如标语所提倡的[好音乐。好朋友]。 我们的经营理念1是培养有潜能的大马音乐人才,为一群音乐爱好者提供一个平台和领域,把这群盆又集合起来,在音乐制作上尝试多方面的发展协助他们达成音乐梦想。2007年,旗下歌手佳旺与子荧推出了一张合辑,也因此组成了一个制作班底,2009年尾,回音石民歌餐厅正式成立[双翼音乐] 子公司,以延续他们对音乐制作的热忱与期许。 理念2是建立一个健康休闲的场所,让每间分店内部都全面禁烟,也不售卖香烟,让不抽烟者拥有不吸二手烟的自由。这也和政府所提倡的戒烟活动配合。 最后一个理念是鼓励及支持音乐版权运动,本身为词曲创作人的林新洲也同样致力于推广正版音乐CD的播放。也会和员工及歌手们灌输音乐版权的概念。