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WINGS MENU 2017 2017年3月,我们推出新餐单,新优惠,新设计,载着诚意满满的全新烹调方式。 诚意邀请大家到这里品尝我们的新菜式以及好康头。 –回音石诚意推荐—. WINGS BIRTHDAY STAR《生日我最大》! 循众要求,回音石《生日我最大》回来了!赶快到WINGS来庆生,让我们请你吃一顿(须符合条规) 晚餐优惠《HAPPY HOUR MEAL FREE FRESH TEA》 又回来了!晚餐去哪儿?直接来Wings 吧。我们请你喝茶。(须符合条规) HAPPY HOUR TIGER啤酒! 喜欢Happy Hour的朋友, 这里真是個约朋友吃饭, 喝酒, 聊天的好地方!赶紧来WINGS 轻松一下.~ B4 8.30pm 《Wings全天候》啤酒好康优惠! 凡购买第二桶啤酒即获折扣RM4,第三桶以上每桶折扣RM8,让你越饮越抵!赶快Jio几个kaki,一起听歌喝酒聊天吧!

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WE WANT YOU! 欢迎您加入回音石民歌餐厅团队!

WE ARE HIRING SMILING FACES! COME JOIN THE WINGS STAFF TEAM. 我们需要您!并诚邀您加入回音石民歌餐厅团队。 If you like music, 如果您喜欢音乐, If you enjoy friendship, 如果您喜欢朋友, If you enjoy servicing people, 如果您喜欢服务(大众), And if your passion is in the cafe industry, 如果您也喜欢从事餐饮业, Then you … Continue reading

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Franchise 连锁加盟

Good Music Great Friends OPEN FOR FRANCHISE Throughout these thirteen years, Wings Musicafe franchise business has been growing steadily. Since our establishment in Melaka in Aug 2003, we opened few branches in Klang Valley area, including Times Walk KL Branch, … Continue reading

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Want to be a singer? Please apply online here :)

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