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Throughout these eleven years, Wings Musicafe’s franchise business has been growing steadily.

Since our establishment in Melaka in Aug 2003, we opened few branches in Klang Valley area, including Times Walk KL Branch, Bandar Puteri Puchong Branch, and Kuchai Lama Branch.

In 2010, we have officially started a franchise system. In span of 3 years, Wings Musicafe has expanded its brand to PJ SS2,Mahkota Cheras, Connaught Avenue and Kota Damansara. After rigorous testing, our franchise system is strong! We have currently open up a very selective franchise partnership subject to strict selection and negotiation, and we are now ready to move forward towards our dreams together with you!

We now have completed
*  Stringent Market Analysis and Marketing System.
*  Comprehensive operating system and cost control system.
*  Highly efficient management team and outlet opening team.
*  Complete and competent brand development and management team.
*  Professional and comprehensive training system.
*  Vast hands-on experience in F&B operation and know-how.

We are not looking for just investor, but entrepreneurs who share the same passion in operating unplugged music café like us. We strive to provide a long-term business career to the partners, where they can enjoy the benefits of starting up their own business and enjoying the benefits of the hard work. We are looking for partners who share the same vision to built the brand together. If you have a passion of starting your own business in music café industry, please contact us at

Tel: 012-2260212 / 03-80602203




*  严格的市场分析及行销理念。
*  完善的操作系统及成本控制系统。
*  高品质及有效率的管理团队及开店团队。
*  完善的品牌管理及行销。
*  专业完善的训练系统。
*  宝贵务实的经营经验及餐饮业know-how。

我们寻找的不是单纯的投资者, 而是有心经营民歌餐厅事业的创业者。 我们希望开发及提供的是一个可以永续经营的事业, 让有心开创事业的朋友们可以享有创业的经验以及分享成果和愿景。 我们期盼有志同道合的伙伴们能够一起加入, 共同打拼, 让回音石为大家造就一个更美好的未来。 只要您是对这份事业持有热忱及理想的,

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