12:00PM to 1:30AM
6:30PM to 1:30AM
9:00PM TO 12:30AM
In-Door 室内
Approx 100
Out-Door 室外
Approx 60
Free Broadband Internet Access
There are plenty of parking in front of the outlet. You should have no problem finding a spot to park.
From the main road of Jalan Persiaran Mahkota Cheras 2 , just pass thru Petronas Station on your right, and turn left at the next left turn (We are opposite KK Mart).
从Jalan Persiaran Mahkota Cheras 2大路,经过左边的Petronas油站,并在接下来的左转即可到达(我们在KK Mart的对面)。
Hotline : 019-3281178
Shop : 03-90117178
No.19, Jalan Temenggung 3/9,
Seksyen 9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Selangor

Find us on google map Find us on four square/waze: Located at the heart of Mahkota Cheras, the outlet is established in July 2012, bringing good music and great friends to the Cheras Community near Sungai Long, Kajang and Mahkota Cheras area as a whole. The specious interior of the outlet makes it one of the most cozy Wings outlets, and far from the roadside the stage logo is vividly shown attracting the attention of all who passes by. The interior is marked by a big lot of white chairs and wall, making the environment bright and energetic during the day and romantic at nights. So come anytime
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you like to feel the different ambience. Taking advantage of the spacious area and end lot location, we bring in six sets of cozy rattan sofa, and the side wall is also opened up to bring more fresh air and cool breeze to the customers. The signature design of this outlet is our specially-designed rough surface wall at the front and the vividly lighted up stainless steel Wings Logo, which soon becomes the photographic spot for all visitors to mark their visit to this place. 位于蕉赖皇冠城的中心,这间皇冠城分店是回音石最新的一间连锁加盟店,带给蕉赖,加央以及双溪龙镇这一带的朋友好音乐好朋友的生活休闲体验。 宽敞的店面让这间分店成为我们最宽敞的分店之一。从遥远的路边,您可以很直接的注意到店内舞台上的回音石标志。 我们的室内设计使用了大量的白色椅子以及墙壁,让这间分店呈现充满亮丽活力的白天氛围,以及浪漫迷人的夜晚听歌气氛。所以,欢迎你在任何时候过来体验不同的氛围。 这间分店的主题设计就是位于走廊区的灰白色立体墙上安装了一幅不锈钢的回音石标志,从后发出的灯光让这副墙很快成为朋友们拍照的最佳地点。