No.G1, Block B 10, Jalan Rahmat 5, Taman Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka.
6:30PM to 1:30AM
In-Door 室内
Approx 46
Out-Door 室外
Approx 78
Located in Malim Jaya Main Roadside, from downtown through Tesco, to the direction of “Cheng”, When arrived crossroads business district of Malim Jaya, and turn right at the traffic lights, go straight through the Old Town Café and Malim hawker center, about fifty meters later, we are in the left corner of the first shop lot.
Free Broadband
Internet Access

Parking at roadside & parking lot on another side. 停泊在路边或停泊在餐厅另一边的停车场。
9:00PM TO 12:30AM

Find us on google map Find us on four square/waze: THE LOCATION Wings Musicafe Malim Jaya, Malacca is located in the center of Malim Jaya, Malacca opposite Caltex petrol station. Every Friday there is a happening night market near the outlet. VERTICAL SIGNS NEW DESIGN The Vertical Signage is a new design spot, making the shop fresh and neat. ORANGE ARMCHAIR DISTRICT Walked into the hall, you can see a row of eye-catching orange couch seats, which can sit up to six to eight people each. This is a cozy area for those who need their own space to celebrate birthday or to gather for activities. EYE-CATCHING LARGE BAR This branch has installed-promotional light

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boxes, lighted up the entire bar front to make it more lively. FRONT SEAT SMOKING AREA Wings Musicafe Malim Jaya, Malacca has a spacious and comfortable outdoor smoking area, which can accommodate up to 70-90 people. OUTDOOR STAGE AREA The stage is located outdoor, allowing outdoor customers to enjoy good music. SERVICE TEAM Wings Musicafe Malim Jaya, Malacca has a group of vibrant motivated service team to serve you. Welcome to visit Wings Musicafe Malim Jaya, Malacca ya! 策略性位置 马六甲玛琳再也回音石民歌餐厅座落于玛琳再也的中心,也正是Caltex油站的对面。每逢星期五也会有热闹的夜市在附近摆摊。 新颖立式招牌设计 垂直标牌是一种新的设计点,使得店铺清爽利落。 橙色靠背椅区 走进餐厅大厅,可以看到一排醒目的橙色沙发座椅,可容纳六到八个人。这是一个舒适的地方,不仅可以为有需要的朋友庆祝生日也可进行聚会。 抢眼的大吧台 这间分店已经安装了促销灯箱,照亮了整个酒吧前面,使之更加生动。 前座吸烟区 马六甲玛琳再也回音石民歌餐厅拥有宽敞舒适的室外吸烟区,可容纳70-90人。 外场舞台区 舞台位于户外,让户外的客户享受好音乐。 服务团队 玛琳再也回音石民歌餐厅拥有一班充满活力干劲的服务团队为您服务,欢迎前来玛琳再也回音石光临哦!