No.2A, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
12:00PM to 1:30AM
In-Door 室内
Approx 68
Out-Door 室外
Approx 40
From Kesas Highway, turn into the road to Sri Petaling area. Endah Parade will be on your right, going straight and you will pass by BHP petrol station on your left. 1st traffic light turns left until the next traffic light again, take a right turn. Then the 3rd junction turn to your right and straight down to the road, you will pass by Hong Leong Bank on your left, take a left turn on the 1st junction, you can find us by 2nd roll of 2nd shop of the shop lot. 从KESAS高速公路方向往大城堡路,Endah Parade商场将会在您的右边,直走并经过BHP油站,然后左转,直到下一个交通灯右转,在第3个路口右转,然后一路直走,并经过丰隆银行,接着在第一个路口左转,我们餐厅的位置在右边第二排第二间店面。
Free Broadband
Internet Access

Parking at roadside & big parking lot on left-hand side. 停泊在路边或停泊在餐厅左边的大停车场。
9:00PM TO 12:30AM
Hotline 03-90553366

Find us on google map Find us on four square/waze: THE LOCATION The Wings Sri Petaling outlet is located in the most populated part of the town, right across the street from Public Bank and next to The Store Supermarket. Located among the latest established shop lots area, the new outlet is easily accessible from nearby area such as OUG, Sri Petaling, Bukit Jalil and other places nearby by. We are excited to built this new Wings at the excisting township of Sri Petaling to bring good music and great friends to the 15,000 population community here and more from the surrounding areas. VERTICAL SIGNS NEW DESIGN Our vertical signage is a new design that catches everyone’s eyesight. It is so fresh and neat, with great quality! FRONTAGE WHITE FOREST The frontage of the outlet is outlined with white-forest-designed full glass panel, allowing ample natural lighting during the day and disseminating romantic ambiance at night. You will not miss it when passing by the shop. FLOATING CLOUDS Having a hard day at work? How about finding a perfect place for a beer with a few

friends? The interior floating clouds in the outlet is a beautiful sight to look at when you need to tone down after a hard day at work. WINGS PHOTO WALL As soon as you step into the shop, you will be attracted by a decorated photos wall, presenting our singers and past concert moments. Those are nice photos carefully selected by our team, hope you enjoy! Exclusive Couches Seat Zone with 3-D Virtual Wood Wallpaper Walked into the cafe hall, you will certainly be attracted by a large area of brick-type wood. Look clearly and you can see that these are super-quality three-dimensional wallpaper! It makes you feel like dining in the woods. We also designed a whole row of sofa couches, so that group of six to eight friends who need to have their own space, can have a good area to celebrate birthday or other activities. BAR OF STONE The Bar Counter Design is also unique to this outlet, making it an attraction for the guest. If you enjoy sitting at the bar and chit-chatting with our friendly bartender, be our guest! SMOKING AREA A fully texture wall and birdcage lighting covered the smoking area, where customers can watch TV channels, and also can chitchat with friends!! OUR ASSERTION We have good music here, but it is having friends like you that make this a great Place. Wings slogan is our assertion, we sincerely invite you to come and experience the feeling of “Good Music . Great Friends”. THE CREW Wings Sri Petaling has a group of vibrant motivated service team to serve you, welcome to visit Wings Sri Petaling ya! 策略性位置 大城堡花园拥有15000人口, 位于马来西亚首都吉隆坡联邦直辖区最南部的市镇,离市中心约20千米。它早期是个偏僻的小市镇,上世纪80年代中央政府把此区规划为南部公交及轻快铁交通中枢,并在其附近建设国家体育馆,它就蓬勃发展起来。经过约20年的努力,它逐渐成为一个著名的商业及住宅区。 新颖立式招牌设计 新颖立式招牌设计让人眼前一亮,感觉如此新鲜利落,质感十足! 外观白色森林 分店的正面外观以白色森林规划出来,配上大片的透光玻璃,让外来的自然光线进入店里,让它在白天显得亮丽神气,夜晚时则从内里透发出浪漫的迷人风采从店前面走过,您将被它所吸引。 飘浮的云朵 在工作上累坏了吗?不如和几个好朋友找个好地方聚一下喝两杯?回音石大城堡分店天花板上设计的飘浮白云设计正好可以帮助您放松紧绷的神经。 回音照片墙 一步入回音石门口,您会被一面照片墙有所吸引,无论是回音石歌手,甚至是过去的音乐会花絮,那可是我们回音石团队精心挑选的照片,希望您会喜欢! 立体砖块式木头墙纸靠背椅区 走进餐厅内厅里,你必定会被一大片砖块式木头所吸引,那可是眼看超有质感的立体墙纸哦!让你仿佛置身于木头森林用餐似的。我们也同时设计了一整排的沙发长椅,让六至八人,需要拥有自己的空间来庆祝生日或其他各种活动的朋友们可以在这里庆祝。 石头吧台 这间分店的吧台设计也是独特的石头和白色森林概念。如果你喜欢坐在吧台和我们亲切的调酒师闲聊,欢迎你到这里坐坐。 后座吸烟区 一面充满质感的肌理墙面向挂满鸟笼灯饰的吸烟区,顾客不仅可观赏电视频道还可以与朋友哈拉聊天呢! 我们的诉求 这里绝对有好音乐,但是因为有像你们一样的朋友在一起,这里才成为最美好的地方!回音石精神标语是我们诉求的精神,我们诚意邀请您到来亲身体验我们好音乐。好朋友的感觉。 服务团队 大城堡回音石民歌餐厅拥有一班充满活力干劲的服务团队为您服务,欢迎前来大城堡回音石光临哦!