6:30PM TO 1:30AM
In-Door 室内
Approx 100
Out-Door 室外
Approx 80
From the main road after Leisure Mall, look for signage showing Alam Damai and Len Sen, follow the signage towards Alam Damai, make a u-turn under the bridge and you will see furniture mall and Econsave on the left, turn in to the business lots and we are right next to Econsave.
从Leisure广场前经过后,注意Alam Damai 及 Len Sen的路牌,跟着Alam Damai路牌走,并在高架公路底下U转后,你会看到家私城以及Econsave购物超市。转入这个商区,我们就在Econsave的旁边店面。
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There are plenty of parking in front of the outlet. You should have no problem finding a spot to park.
9:00PM TO 12:30AM
A-LG-5 & 6, 38, Jalan 9,
Connaught Avenue,
Taman Bukit Cheras
56000 KL, Wilayah Persekutuan
Hotline 012-6793986
Shop : 03-23855414

Find us on google map Find us on four square/waze Established in Aug 2012, the Wings Musicafe Connaught Avenue mark the beginning of the new brand image and interior design for the Wings Musicafe group. The outlet design is the result of many years of design research and development, and we have consolidated all the design elements and our understanding of the customers needs into this outlet. The most significant changes of this outlet is the color used has gone from earthly brown to a more light-tone white and grey combination. We have costumed made the plaster ceiling pieces represent sunlight shinning through the thick leaves in the forest. The stage background represent the tree of music where seeds of good music and great friends will grow and expand from here. The spacious interior also makes it possible for us to bring in cozy coach which can cater for group of six friends, best for birthday celebration gangs. The white pendant light and white furniture make this place energetic at day time and romantic at night, so be it a casual business lunch or romantic night of drink and music with your love, you have come to the right place. The nice garden under the sky also marks one of our

customer favorite way to hang out – under the starry sky. So we look forward to your visit here and witness the new outlook of the Wings interior design. 成立于2012年8月,回音石蕉赖康乐店代表了回音石品牌以及室内设计全新一页的开始。这间分店的设计是我们累计多年调查以及思考结积而成的成果,是我们把许多的设计元素归纳后而总结的设计。 这间分店设计的最大元素在于色系上的改变,从之前许多的深褐色改变成轻色系的白色以及灰色。我们也使用手工制作大小不一的石膏天花板,设计成仿如阳光从浓密的树荫间照射而下的感觉,而舞台背景的大树就代表着从这里开始的音乐及友谊,从这里衍生,散发至每一个角落。 餐厅内部宽敞的空间,也允许设计师带入舒适的六人座沙发位,最适合庆祝生日的好朋友们聚会。白色系的吊灯以及大量的白色家具,也让这个空间在白天充满活力,在夜晚散发浪漫气息。所以,不论你是要和客户吃一顿活力的午餐,或是和情人共度一个浪漫的听歌夜晚,这里都是你最佳的选择。 当然,舒适宽敞的花园区,星光下凉风习习,配上三几好友和啤酒几杯, 也绝对是回音石的顾客朋友们最喜欢的地方。 我们期待着您的光临,并和我们分享你对于这个全新回音石设计概念的意见。